FAQs: What is an EOR, Why Do I Need One for Clinical Trial Exports, and More

25 August 2023

Clinical trials are conducted in multiple countries around the world. In 2021, over 288,000 clinical trials were active worldwide, with over 60% of them conducted outside of the United States.

A study by the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) found that delays in importing and exporting clinical trial supplies are a significant cause of study delays. The study found that the average delay was 10 weeks and that delays of up to 6 months were not uncommon.

A holistic vendor project management solution offers trial stakeholders the opportunity to focus on the operations of the trial. Leaving the import/export, IOR, Exporter of Record (EOR), compliance, and logistics responsibilities to an experienced service provider.

What Is an EOR?

EOR stands for Exporter of Record. It is the company or individual responsible for exporting clinical trial supplies from one country to another. They take on the legal responsibilities and ensure shipments comply with all export regulations and laws.

Why Do I Need an Exporter of Record (EOR) For My Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are conducted in multiple countries around the world. To ensure that clinical trial supplies are available to all participants, having a reliable EOR in each country is important.

The EOR can help avoid delays in getting to and returning clinical trial supplies from trials, which can ultimately disrupt clinical trials.

The EOR can also contribute to ensuring the safe and secure transportation of clinical trial supplies, which holds importance in safeguarding participant safety.

What Are the Responsibilities of an EOR?

The EOR ensures that clinical trial supplies are exported in compliance with all applicable customs regulations. This includes obtaining the necessary export licenses, packaging and labeling the supplies correctly, and shipping them safely.

The EOR must also keep detailed records of all shipments, including the date of export, the shipping carrier, and the tracking number.

Have More Questions? Here Are Some Additional FAQs That You May Have About EOR for Clinical Trials:

How Do I Find an EOR?

Amidst the array of companies providing Exporter of Record (EOR) services, TecEx Medical stands out as a preferred choice. We distinguish ourselves by delivering specialized EOR services meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of clinical trials.

What Should I Look for in an EOR?

When choosing an EOR, you should consider the following factors:

What Is the Difference Between an Exporter and an Exporter of Record (EOR)?

An exporter is a person or company that sends things from one country to another. An exporter of record is a specialized service that handles all the legal responsibilities of exporting when the real exporter doesn’t have a presence in the country where the goods are leaving. For instance, if a clinical trial sponsor wants to send things from a trial site in another country but doesn’t have a local presence there, an exporter of record steps in to make sure everything goes smoothly.

TecEx Medical Exporter of Record Solution

EORs play an essential role in the clinical trial process – helping with the streamlining and optimization of cross-border trials. By ensuring that clinical trial supplies are available and transported safely, EORs help protect participants’ safety and ensure the success of clinical trials.

Our team ensures the complete management of clinical trial products into multiple regions, no matter the phase. Contact one of our dedicated team members to learn more about TecEx Medical and our project management solution.

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