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Our Global Footprint

TecEx Medical is an Importer and Exporter of Record and Customs Compliance Specialist that streamlines the import and export process in the medical and clinical trial sector.

Our Professional Team

TecEx Medical is one of several businesses that form the VAT IT Group, an international and renowned industry-leading cross-border compliance and regulatory specialist firm that was established in 2000. Within TecEx Medical, each team member is highly qualified and committed to ensuring every single shipment is a success.

Our Global Capabilities

The VAT IT Group spans 40 global offices, servicing 13,000 clients in 117 countries with over 1,500 professionals globally. This expertise allows us to offer country-specific insights when shipping medical equipment around the globe to over 200 destinations. We provide IOR, EOR, and customs compliance solutions for all your needs.

Our Knowledge

Our team is committed to making medical compliance simpler for you. Our wealth of industry knowledge and tools allow us to offer you smooth and accurate import and export solutions.

Our Solution

We offer a hassle-free, reduced-risk option for companies in the medical and clinical trial sector. TecEx Medical provides a 100% accurate landed cost quote, with detailed ETAs for each stage of the shipment.

Our Revolutionary Service

At TecEx Medical, our services focus specifically on streamlining the import and export processes for those within the clinical research and medical space. Complex and intensive customs requirements and procedures make it prohibitive for companies to build in-house expertise to support these everchanging import and export regulations.

TecEx Medical will perform and manage all import and export compliance on your behalf.

We offer comprehensive Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services to successfully manage all imports and exports of clinical trial supplies and medical equipment through our global network.

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