Medical EOR

TecEx Medical provides a seamless Exporter of Record (EOR) and compliance service for IP and non-IP products. This includes managing all required documentation, which forms part of our all-inclusive offering with no additional compliance hurdles to jump through.

What is an EOR?

An Exporter of Record (EOR) is the entity listed on export documentation and is responsible for ensuring the products are exported compliantly and correctly. An EOR is accountable for ensuring all necessary compliance documentation is correct and all export regulations and laws are followed in accordance with country-specific requirements.

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EOR Responsibilities

An EOR, while similar to an Importer of Record, must adhere to all the legal and compliance regulations required by the country of export. This pertains to all documents necessary for export clearance – including permits, licenses, and accurate classifications of the goods being exported. There is a significant risk if the export is done incorrectly, and the EOR can be held liable for any financial penalties and criminal liability.

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TecEx Medical offers a hassle-free, reduced-risk option for CROs and Sponsors. Our dedicated team works hard to stay fully up-to-date, offering the highest level of service to all our clients. Our team is entirely tech-enabled and supported by our innovative TecEx App. The TecEx App allows you to track your medical exports in real-time, giving you complete clarity on where your package is and at what stage it is at in its exporting journey.

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