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Importing and exporting all the necessary equipment required for clinical trials is a complex process. ‍ TecEx Medical offers a bespoke solution with various value-add offerings including Brokerage, Clearance, Payment of Duties and Taxes, Freight, and Liability Cover. To find out more about our tailor-made solutions, contact us today.

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Medical IOR

TecEx Medical provides a comprehensive door-to-door import solution for companies across the medical sector, including CROs, CMOs, sponsors, and vendors.

Our medical Importer of Record (IOR) solution facilitates the entire import process from end to end, helping our customers import everything they need on time and with complete confidence.

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Medical EOR

TecEx Medical offers our clients a unique Exporter of Record (EOR) service to address the industry’s need for return merchandise, lab kits, and biological samples during and at the end of the clinical trial.

As the EOR, we act as the exporter and facilitate the compliance of shipments in preparation for export where there is no locally registered entity. This is managed on your behalf as a part of our complete door-to-door offering – ensuring quick and efficient shipments from start to finish.

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Our Value-added Services


TecEx Medical facilitates your freight, and we keep a close eye on your goods throughout the shipping process. We assist by arranging the pick-up of compliant goods, managing global logistics with competitive carrier rates, and facilitating first-time in-country clearance.


Ensuring you comply with customs regulations is essential when importing and exporting goods.
We are global trade compliance experts, helping you to adhere to customs regulations in over 200 destinations worldwide.