About Us

TecEx Medical is an international company falling under the umbrella of the well-renowned VAT IT Group. As an organization, we have grown organically over the last decade to employ over 450 highly skilled employees supporting our clients with a dedicated and hands-on service.

TecEx Medical is an Importer and Exporter of Record, and Customs Compliance Specialist with various value-added services, offering you a bespoke service solution.

Why Work With Us

We provide a modernized door-to-door distribution service tailored to help you every step of the way. As leaders in global import compliance, we combine the strengths of our committed team, innovative technologies, and extensive global reach to assist our clients quickly and efficiently.

Our operations and sales teams are an elite group of specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to offer a bespoke import experience.

The caliber of our staff is highlighted through their various qualifications, ranging from Medical Doctors to Admitted Attorneys and Chartered Accountants.

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Who We Are

TecEx Medical emerged from the underlying import difficulties, coupled with the existing needs of the evolving medical sector and the growing demand for medical technology around the world.

We aim to provide CROs, CMOs, Sponsors, and Vendors with a comprehensive door-to-door import solution, facilitating the entire process. As customs compliance specialists, we can help you import everything you need on time, with absolute confidence.

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