Medical IOR

Importing all the necessary IP and non-IP required for clinical trials is a complex process. There are numerous obstacles preventing those in the medical sphere from developing fully competent, internal global compliance teams.

What is an IOR?

International trade can be complex. Each country has different requirements that must be followed to be compliant with its customs policy. An Importer of Record (IOR) must always be appointed when importing goods to another country. In importer terms, an IOR (Importer of Record) is the entity or person in the destination country responsible for ensuring compliance requirements are met for customs clearance, product classification, and the payment of duties and taxes.

TecEx Medical is your complete service partner for IOR logistics. Our knowledge of global import compliance requirements is unrivaled and up-to-date, ensuring first-time clearance of your goods.

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Range of Goods

The most prominent of the complications is the diversity of the goods required for a clinical trial. Importing these requires detailed knowledge of a vast range of licensing and legal requirements. Without using an experienced and knowledgeable IOR, it could lead to severe complications when trying to import goods.

We are able to assist with the compliant importation of IP and non-IP supplies for clinical trials.

Improper IOR

Historically, goods are imported using a local hospital or under the CRO or Sponsor’s name. These entities often lack the knowledge necessary to perform the IOR role. This places vast amounts of risk and responsibility on these entities and can often lead to complications for the company trying to import these goods.

Frequent Delays

Even the smallest of errors by the IOR can lead to considerable delays. Import delays are common for clinical trials as the entity acting as the importer is not fully equipped for the role. The consequences of this can be catastrophic for the efficacy and cost of the trial.

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