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Global health developments like decentralized health care and the outbreak of Covid-19 have highlighted difficulties when conducting clinical research and decentralized clinical trials.

TecEx Medical has found a way to help – our services streamline the import process for clinical trials and medical equipment.

Effects of Covid-19

As the name suggests, the global health crisis has been nothing short of a catastrophe for human beings. An alarming number of people have been impacted by the virus – including healthcare providers. One of the significant consequences of the pandemic has been a shift in the way we view and administer healthcare. Clinical trials, for example, have seen a particularly distinctive shift. We have found a way to assist the sector by providing IOR and compliance services to the evolving industry

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are constantly being adapted to improve speed and experience for patients and healthcare providers. From traditional paradigms to new frontiers, decentralized trials aim to meet patients where they are and represent a shift in how the medical industry supplies therapy and research to the public. Our role in this process is to facilitate the demanding compliance and import requirements within this new frontier.

The TecEx Medical Solution in Argentina

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United Kingdom

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New and Refurbished Electronic Devices

Shipping into Argentina has been notorious for its complex customs requirements and lengthy lead times to import trial supplies into the country.

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